13 Times Why Harley Quinn Is The Best Damn Part Of The Suicide Squad

  • 13 Times Why Harley Quinn Is The Best Damn Part Of The Suicide Squad >>>

  • 1. She even looks boss whilst drinking a cup of tea.

  • 2. Her maniacal smile.

  • 3. She's not here for your patriarchal BS.

  • 4. But she appreciates a good laugh.

  • 5. Sometimes she hears voices.

  • 6. Telling her to do really bad things or not...

  • 7. AW - she's such a joker at heart.

  • 8. Not to mention, that her bat is the PERFECT accessory.

  • 9. It's also a really handy weapon.

  • 10. Never mind...

  • 11. She's an independent woman who doesn't need a fella by her side to go to "work".

  • 12. She's the worst hero ever... Stealing a handbag mid-mission? Classic.

  • 13. Which is why we love her.

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    Plus the 2016 MTV Movie Awards have a squadesque surprise for you in store.

    With only seeing the trailer of ‘The Suicide Squad’, it’s already clear to say, that Harley Quinn is the best damn member of the entire squad.

    While we unfortunately still have wait, til August 5 to see the whole movie, the 2016 MTV Movie Awards will definitely have all your Suicide Squad needs covered, as Smith, Leto, Robbie, and Delevingne will present us with an exclusive, never-before-seen clip from their badass movie.

    Until then, we’ll just keep on honoring Harley’s undeniable awesomeness, in rounding up thirteen of her legendary moments from the latest trailer.

    Hosted by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart, be sure to tune in for the big show starting, Sunday 10th to Monday 11th of April at 02:00, with the pre-show starting at 01:30 – only on MTV.

    Tuesday, 05. April 2016