MTV Push: Dua Lipa

Get to know Dua Lipa, our MTV Push artist for the month of April.

For Dua Lipa, the road to fame and acclaim through music has not been a straightforward one. Having moved with her family to their native Kosovo at thirteen, and away from the prestigious West End music school she fought to get into, Dua managed to convince her parents to allow her return to London alone – aged just fifteen – so that she could continue to fight for her dream.

Fast forward five years and Dua’s independence and fight have paid dividends. Her tireless efforts, balancing work with her music, began to develop her a strong following online. As she began to focus entirely on her talent, it started to turn heads in all the right places.

Dua is now, at just twenty years old, already recognized across the industry for her stunning voice and beautiful pop/soul blended songs. Following her huge recent hit ‘Be The One’, and with her debut album set for release this year, 2016 is looking to be an incredibly exciting year for this superbly hardworking and talented woman. Dua Lipa is already creating waves in 2016, be sure to check out MTV PUSH throughout April to see why!

Monday, 04. April 2016