FYI: Kylie Jenner Announces New Lip Gloss Line

With the most insane Thelma & Louis themed kind of mini movie.

I you haven’t got your hand – or lips – on Kylie Jenner’s previous Lip Kit line, no worries there, because these are just sooo last season anyway as King Kylie now decided to add three lip glosses to her beauty range. Completely sticking to the 90s theme of the previous Lip Kit, Kylie now adds a softer brown and pink-y nude’ish colored glosses.

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This time, the youngest Kardashian gang member decided to drop this beauty bombshell in the only appropriate way, by adding the announcement to a kind of music video slash Thelma and Louise remake thing.

Looking more than fly in a crop top and matching trousers, plus wearing a little Louis Vuitton bandana, Kylizzle and her girl crew essentially rob some shady looking guys using nothing but their short shorts and yes, the three new lip glosses.

The best thing about this whole video is what she’s named the glosses; Like, Literally and So Cute. Totally nailed it, Kylez.

Friday, 01. April 2016