Geordie Shore 12 | #3 Sneak Peek Spoilers

  • Hold up! Is Chloe actually cleaning?

  • Howay man! What is that on your head Nathan?!

  • Threeway handshake... #cringe!

  • UH-OH Chloe's started twerking #mortal

  • The d**k detectives are back and on the prowl...

  • Well that's not very subtle Holly!

  • Chloe can't stand Scott tashing on with other birds...

  • she beats him to it! The naughty little minx...

  • Scott is absolutely fuming!

  • Not the ride Scotty was expecting at all...

  • Chloe knows exactly what she's doing!

  • Charlotte tortures Nathan in her bum blitz workout!

  • Get out of ma' swamp!

  • Corr way to rub it in Scott!

  • Two girls in two nights... do you have anything you want to tell us Chlo?!

  • Aaron pulls a worldie but that is an incredibly wet kiss...

  • A night out wouldn't be complete with these radgies popping off at each other!

  • Charlotte is absolutely mortal!

  • Aaron has claimed the title as top shagger.

  • It's all gotten too much for Holly the poor lass...

  • Things get super emotional...

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    Chloe’s necking on with Chantelle neck to make Scotty T jealous, Charlotte and Holly have a MEGA b*tch brawl and Hols about to LEAVE the Geordie family…

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    Wednesday, 30. March 2016