FYI: T-Rex Hands Are The New Duck Face

OK, we totally get. The name of this new selfie trend might be weird af, but the more you look at the pics of your celeb faves, the more you’ll realize… they are ALL doing it.

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Naturally, everyone who’s selfie skills are just as on fleek as Kylie Jenner’s, will surely add the so called T-Rex hands to their selfie game repertoire. So from now on, it’s lights, angle, pout, T-Rex….

BTW: ‘T-Rex hands’ is a term that’s been coined by beauty blogger and contouring wizard Huda Beauty to explain this trend, and is basically her way of describing how you place your non-selfie taking hand in your photos.

Now hands down (or T-Rex hands up), who would have guessed that dinosaur chic was going to be a big thing in 2016?

Tuesday, 29. March 2016