6 Reasons Why Justin Bieber Might Be All Nostalgic For Jelena

    I mean why blame him... who of us doesn't feel it too, right?

    We know, we know. Jelena aka Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are totally over. But hey we’re always a little confused, because lets not forget the times, they came and went, then came and went again and a few more times of back and forth.

    Don’t get us a wrong. We’re not saying or even suggesting that the two of them should get back together – ok, maybe a little – but we are definitely intrigued on how nostalgic the Biebs seems to be about the whole thing again, as he just recently posted an old pic of him and Selena kissing on Instagram, captioning it with ‘Feels.’

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    A little melodramatic? Why not!

    Find 6 reasons in our gallery above, why Justin might be all nostalgic right now…

    Wednesday, 23. March 2016