14 Beauty Hacks For Lazy Girls

  • 14 Beauty Hacks For Lazy Girls >>>

  • 1. 1. Double up your lipstick as a soft cream blusher

  • 2. Make your pencil eyeliner easier to use by warming it up first using a lighter

  • 3. To curl your hair in seconds - tie your hair up into a ponytail and only curl the lengths.

  • 4. Make an eyeliner template with a post-it note

  • 5. Or use sellotape to get the sharpest winged liner look ever

  • 6. Dry and style your hair in one go with a curling brush like babyliss’ big waves styler

  • 7. Use dry shampoo before bed and blast your hair with a hairdryer

  • 8. Skip the eyeliner and press your mascara into the very base of your lashes instead

  • 9. Apply concealer before lipstick to make it last longer

  • 10. Keep brows in place by spraying hairspray on a spoolie brush and brushing them through

  • 11. Blast skin with the hairdryer to dry fake tan quicker

  • 12. dust baby powder onto skin after false tanning to soak up any stickiness

  • 13. Wear a bright lipstick

  • 14. Conceal dark under-eye shadows using an orange toned lipstick, before adding concealer on top.

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    Because time is everything.

    To all of the fellow ladies, who rather prefer snoozing along in bed, then getting up earlier to put perfect face on in the morning, here’s a gift from us to you -our ultimate compilation on time saving beauty hacks, that we think every girl should know.

    They’ll skim off serious minutes from your morning routine and will give you way more time in your happy place: in bed.

    Tuesday, 06. September 2016