Kendall Jenner Gets Seriously Sultry In LOVE Magazine’s #KJ4CK Video

Kendall definitely wears it right - or wears it not.

Kendall Jenner and LOVE magazine did it again. After their last years ‘Bad Santa’ Xmas-themed escapades with a shark and a ‘Psychoesque’ shower a la Hitchcock, Kendall is now demonstrating, on how perfectly she can pull off the ‘Pool to Party’ chic.

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Considering how raunchy LOVE magazine usually likes to get with our favorite celebs, they’ve managed to get her to do some, erm, pretty interesting stuff.

Being all dressed up in Calvin Klein – from head to toe everything – Kendall sticks her hands down her jeans, with then essentially giving herself a wedgie.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable whilst watching this at work – everyone please calm down and remember, it’s art.

Wednesday, 16. March 2016