The Beat of Sandra Lyng

  • Sandra first topped the charts with “Sommerflørt” back in 2005. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t given that song a go on Singstar? After that she’s always had a special place in our music heart, and we’re so happy that she’s back in the music scene.*

‘Play My Drum’ was inescapable last summer! It must have been an amazing feeling to be back on top of the charts. What has changed the most for you after this song became such a smash hit?
It has given me the opportunity to travel a lot more, and play concerts outside of Norway, something I am incredibly excited about.

The songs taken on a life by itself, storming up the charts all over Europe. How does that make you feel?
It is crazy, it feels like a dream. I experienced a lot of success early on in my career and it feels amazing to experience it again. I have worked really hard to get to where I am today.

We’ve already seen you in quite a few different reality TV shows. You’ve been a part of Idol, Isdans, Det Sterkeste Kjønn, Sandra Usensurert, and Mitt Dansecrew. If you could join another reality TV series, which one would it be?
I am done with reality, for now at least! But if I had to join another show it would be “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”. I would love to talk to other artists about their music and careers.

Although you might be done as a reality TV contestant your new single ‘Moonrise’ is this years official ‘Paradise Hotel’ theme song. Tell us about that song.
It was actually Gunnar Greve, my manager, who got a hold of it. He felt like it fit me perfectly and I totally agreed with him. It was the perfect follow-up to ‘Night After Night’ and ‘Play My Drum’.

Let’s throw it back to our MTV: Making The Video days. I’m curious to know what it was like to shoot the music video for it?
We shot it in Mexico, where Paradise Hotel is based. There are so many great locations there, and the nature is incredibly beautiful.

You have written most of the stuff you’ve released so far, with the exception of your latest couple of singles. Why’s that?
Yeah I have written almost everything I’ve released up until now, including my debut album ‘Døgnvill’. My last couple of singles popped up out of nowhere and I instantly fell in love with them. That’s why I just had to release them, even though I hadn’t written them myself. 

Speaking of ‘Døgnvill’. That album was produced by the super producers Stargate! Have you stayed in touch with them?
You know what, they actually helped me get my working VISA when I moved to LA. We don’t really talk that often, but it’s always great to see them whenever we meet.

You’ve changed your style quite a bit over the last couple of years. Is this something which happened naturally or rather something you set out to do?
What I love about pop music is that you’re able to explore so many different genres. While still sounding pop, I looked for my own sound for a while and I finally feel like I’ve found it. My basic rule is that I release the kind of music that I want to listen to myself. 

I know that you’ve worked with some seriously A-list artists and producers in LA. I can’t help myself from digging a little into your star studded LA-past.
I’ve worked with some of the producers I’ve looked up to for as long as I can remember. I was in the studio with Jimmy Jam and Terry Louis (responsible for making Janet Jackson the superstar that she is now). I also made some songs with J.R. Rotem, Will.I.Am and Alex Da Kidd. Unfortunately I might never be able to release these though because of some contractual business stuff.

Even though we might never get to hear these tracks, you’ve been releasing quite a lot of music over the last couple of years. We are still hungry for more. So PLEASE tell us what more you have in store for us?
It’s all about «Moonrise» at the moment. We released it quickly after the last single because I just couldn’t keep it to myself any longer! Music is everything to me and I can’t wait to release even more songs.

There you have it! Our favourite Idol-charmer is grown up and turned out to be quite the pop star! We can’t wait to see how far she’s gonna go with her music. Go, Sandra!

Written by Erik Rydning

Tuesday, 15. March 2016