10 Things Every Eyebrow Obsessed Person Knows To Be True

  • 10 things every eyebrow obsessed person knows to be true >>>

  • 1. Forget Pythagoras's Theorem, the only angles you care about are these ones.

  • 2. There’s always that one brow trying to screw things up for everyone else.

  • ... sometimes it's like they aren't even related.

  • 3. Forget pics of friends and family, or posters of your fave celebs – you’ve seriously considered printing off photos like these and framing them for your bedroom walls.

  • 4. There are literally only two people you trust with your brows.

  • 5. When people ask you what you want to achieve in life, you just show them this photo.

  • 6. Your pencil to wax to powder ratio is a formula that has taken you years to perfect.

  • 7. The legit worst thing anyone could ever do to you is insult your brows in some way.

  • 8. When you’re scrolling through old pics and you catch sight of what your brows used to look like, you make some variation of this face:

  • 9. You know how everyone was obsessed with disney’s ‘frozen’ back in the day? well, you didn’t like it – and this is why.

  • 10. When people criticise your life choices you just wanna be like:

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    As if 'on fleek' would be the 11th commandment.

    You would rather go out in sweatpants and a scabby old jumper with your hair shoved up in a messy topknot, instead of leaving the house without your eyebrows done? Then read on, my eyebrow friend in crime – as you’re going to relate to all of the above on basically every spiritual level. Believe me.

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    Here are 10 things every eyebrow-shape obsessed human being can relate to.

    Tuesday, 15. March 2016