Niall Horan Shares The Perfect Beach Selfie

Looking hotter and blonder than ever.

Since the so called ‘hiatus’ – sniff sniff – A LOT has been going in the world of the One Direction lads…

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To break it down for you so far: Harry Styles is making it into the film world, Louis Tomlinson has become the best daddy in the world, and Liam Payne is part Chiam now aka the cutest couple in the world… but what’s going on with our dear, darling Niall?

Thanks to Niallsters latest Instagram snap, we have a pretty good idea… as his beaming, bit suntanned, lovely, little face appears to be on a beachy holiday in Bali. And obviously, that purdy face is enjoying itself there…

So yes, keep up the smiles, Niall. You bring sunshine and joy into our lives.

Monday, 14. March 2016