21 Justin Bieber Pics To Soothe Your 'Purpose Tour' FOMO

  • 21 Justin Bieber Pics To Soothe Your 'Purpose Tour' FOMO >>>

  • 1. There is a spectral dance sequence where Biebs zigzags his body in weird, hypnotyzing ways.

  • 2. He takes his style cues from the Jedi

  • 3. He jumps high

  • 4. And gets in real facetime with the fans

  • 5. Justin flexes once (but likely closer to 14 times)

  • 6. His wild coleslaw hair is a key component to his onstage foreplay

  • 7. He sits behind the kit to shred the skins like a pro

  • 8. He dresses like an angsty teen in 1998

  • 9. And reps his own tour merch

  • 10. He tries to keep us at arm's length

  • 11. And he asks us to be loud so he can hear us all the way on stage

  • 12. Sometimes he's confused why his hair looks like thar

  • 13. But other times he's confident because he's got the ladies with him

  • 14. It rains and he gets wet

  • 15. So naturally he has to take his shirt off

  • 16. And the run away, maybe into your arms, or maybe mines, but definitely someone's

  • 17. He keeps his christian faith first

  • 18. And keeps it singer-songwriter-y for you

  • 19. He remains in a glass case of emotion, at least for a little while

  • 20. And when he strips down, he keeps it real

  • 21. Like, the REALEST

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    Better beliebe the hype.

    That’s right, Justin Bieber's Purpose tour just kicked off and, ye mighty, we’re already suffering from severe FOMO attacks.

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    But no worries, there’s still plenty of time left to snatch some tickets (if there are any left) to see the Biebes on tour, which plows on until November.

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    Monday, 14. March 2016