Here's Our Ultimate Power-Girls-Anthem Playlist For International Womens Day

Who run the world? Thats right, GIRLS!

March 8th marks a very important day in the world – especially for us girls – as it’s International Women’s Day!

But what the e** does International Women’s Day actually stand for? Well, today is a day where we should ALL celebrate the achievement from women in all walks of life, from business to education to just general awesomeness. But IWD is also a day, which shall remind us, that there’s still a huge amount to be done to achieve gender parity. Because yes, even if there’s progress being made, it’s slow, and in some places of the world, it’s even getting slower.

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But because, being a woman is pretty awesome – especially when you have some badass chicks like, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Little Mix having your back – we’ll start blasting out some tracks of our girl power playlist on repeat, all day long!

Tuesday, 08. March 2016