These Camila Cabello Tweets Are Totally 'Worth It'

  • 13 Camila Cabello Tweets That Are 'Worth It' >>>

  • On adult life

  • On staying humble

  • On the true questions in life

  • On the fangirl life

  • On cheesy chat up lines

  • On that classic scent

  • On really committing to your dad jokes

  • On making the same mistake again and again

  • On knowing when to show some appreciation

  • On all of our internal struggles

  • On being single AF

  • On the importance of sriracha

  • And on speaking the truth

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    Happy Birthday gurl!

    Today, is the day when Fifth Harmony’s very own Camila Cabello turns the ripe old age of 19!

    YES, 19. Let that sink in.

    When Camilla isn’t busy with the usual day to day biz- slaying it with her bandmates – she’s normally cracking us up on Twitter.
    So, in celebration of her special day, here are some of Camila’s tweets that are totally ‘worth it’.

    Thursday, 03. March 2016