Justin Bieber Would Like To Give You A Kiss

YES, you - a kiss.

As Justin Bieber undeniably is one of the most smoochable celeb hunks around, the folks of the design studio BRAVÒ basically came up with the best idea ever.

In honor of the Beeb-meister’s 22nd birthday they created JustinKiss.me, a website which makes a kiss from Justin Bieber completely possible – virtually, at least.

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The app uses your webcam or any selfie you choose to create an absolutely adorable pic of your #RelationshipGoals with JB.

‘We were brainstorming: what could we create which celebrates love and positive vibes for the world? We came up with the idea of kissing … I mean, it’s such a universal, pleasant feeling,’ Creative Director Ivan Olita told MTV News in an email.

’Someone mentioned Justin Bieber, and somehow we all agreed he was universal – and in some fascinating way – pleasant as well. So we decided we’d combine the two things together and JustinKiss.me was born.”

Watch a descriptive video about how to use the website below, and get kissed by the Biebs yourself at JustinKiss.me.

Thursday, 03. March 2016