Ex On The Beach | #7 Sexiest Spoilers

  • Chet's had enough sharing his bed with these snoring lasses.

  • Nancy looses her chill sand sculpting...

  • And now she's throwing some major shade in someone's direction... but who?

  • Uh-oh what's Olivia doing moving in on Scotty T?

  • We all know this radgie can get savage!

  • Scousers on the beach!

  • Shocked or just demonstrated her o-face?

  • Something's going down!

  • Gina has her night as a princess!

  • ...but Alex is no Prince Charming!

  • Anything that shocks Jegan is bound to shock us!

  • Gina goes nuts at Alex!

  • ...and Kieran is loving it!

  • Temperatures are rising between these two!

  • ...especially when they try new positions...

  • Nancy finally blows up!

  • Causing everyone's head to turn!

  • This could get awkward...

  • Nancy storms off, leaving Scotty T on his larry...

  • ...but will she come crawling back or is this the end of their whirlwind romance...?

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    BEWARE: Spoiler Alert

    In this week’s Ex On The Beach, tensions rise in the villa as another ex joins the sexy singletons, causing massive arguments to erupt…

    Check out the sexy spoilers from episode 7 below:

    Tuesday, 01. March 2016