Zayn Malik Drops Video For New Single ‘iT's YoU’

    All artsy black and white and sad and all.

    Now, that we’ve eventually gotten over our Pillowtalk obsession, Zayn Malik's already treating us with an all brand new music video of his.

    After debuting the track ‘iT’s YoU’ – YES IT’S MEANT TO LOOK LIKE THAT – on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, we officially have a studio version AND an artsy black and white promo to go with it.

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    Given that ‘iT’s YoU’ is a break up track, the video is unsurprisingly very moody and slow and full of Zayn giving us an infinite amount of huge sad eyes.

    And uhm… Is it just us, or does the girl either look like Gigi Hadid or Perrie Edwards?

    Because the world is a cruel place, the promo is exclusive to Apple Music for the time being – but here are some brooding GIFs to get you by for now.

    Friday, 26. February 2016