6 Ways On How To Troll Facebook's New Reaction Feature

    Endless possibilities...

    Only this week, Facebook forever changed the way its 1.59 billion users interact with their family, friends, and favorite interests, when they rolled out the new ‘Reactions’ feature, an update to the ubiquitous Like button.

    The six new reactions – ‘Like’, ‘Love’,‘Haha’, ‘Wow’, ‘Sad’, and ‘Angry’ are well-appreciated additions to those posts where simply a ‘Like’ wouldn’t do. (Take for instance, bad news, shocking news, and so on.)

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    BUT common, it somehow must have crossed Facebook’s mind, that when they roll out ‘Reactions’, that pandemonium would ensue. Right?

    So of course, our somewhat childish minds were instantly wondering, if “Haha” will really only be used for things that one finds unbearably funny? Of course not.

    Without being a spoilsport… we just know, that everyone on the Internet from now on will be on their best worst behavior with these new ‘Reactions’. Therefore we’ve decided to show you exactly how chaos and entropy will inevitably break the internet.

    Thursday, 25. February 2016