So Who's Scotty T Kissing On Instagram Now?!

So much tashin' on...

Doing what he does best, our Geordie Shore lad, Scotty T has been cought tashing on with a not-so-mystery woman last night.

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Between the cheek biting and spit swapping, Scott’s rumored GF Francesca Toole can be seen looking like she’s on cloud whilst partying with the lad in the good ol’ Geordie Shore manner.

And of course we totally don’t blame her.

At least EOTB's Nancy May won’t be too upset about the whole thing, after telling fans her and Scott are strictly just friends now.

When asked what exactly was going between the two of them, Nancy simply replied: “That ship has sailed. We are friends.”

So Nancy and Scott are BFFs, and Francesca and Scott are…?

We need an explanation… NOW!

Wednesday, 24. February 2016