Ex On The Beach 4 | #6 Sexy Spoilers

  • Hunk workout!

  • Serious pout game

  • Ooooh cheeky!

  • Does James finally manage to seal the deal?!

  • Kissing lessons... not weird at all...

  • Gina explodes over Olivia and Kieran necking on...

  • ...and things get a bit crazy.

  • It's all too much for Naomi and Nancy!

  • Who's Meg throwing at shade now!

  • Wandering eye James?

  • Ashley looks fuming!

  • Why aye lass! That's some party trick!

  • If looks could kill...

  • Megan shows off her vocal talent...

  • ...but not everyone's impressed!

  • Safari trip!

  • Scott tries to reconcile with Nancy in his traditional Geordie manner #shots

  • EEEWWWW put that tongue away Scott!


  • Megan's finally got her mouth full...

  • Love triangle?

  • Lacey looks mint but who will Scotty choose?!

  • Scott tries to cosy up with Nancy...

  • ...but she gives him the cold shoulder!

  • Hang on... that's not Kieran's bed...

  • Ooooohhhh...

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    Tuesday, 23. February 2016