Ex On The Beach 4 | #5 Sexy Spoilers

  • The Jegan handshake is the perfect mix of awks and cringe... and those shorts are a little too short Jordan #sidebollock

  • Little James still not working?

  • Perhaps Jordan should lay off the sour snaps in case that face sticks!

  • Geena seems keen to get a certain someone's attention

  • But Kieran doesn't seem overly interested...

  • or perhaps the gun sign means he wants to bang her brains out. Who knows anymore?

  • Is it all working now James?

  • Don't let Ashley catch you looking!

  • Strong advice from the sharp tongued Radgie herself...

  • Uh oh, this cannot be good for James.

  • It seems as if they've created an all girls army.

  • James throws the first drink...

  • Which is the first time James sees Ashleigh's "oh" face.

  • Why aye lad, Nancy's got Scotty-T on the ropes but who will he choose?

  • I guess he's chosen... #perfectgent

  • Scotty lives up to his title of top shagger.

  • Watch out Liv!

  • ...because practice makes perfect...

  • This lioness isn't worried.

  • How sweaty must Megan's hand be to make Nancy pull that face?!

  • A new power couple? Jegan won't like this...

  • Oh sweetie, highlights are not an option for you.

  • That's one hell of a sexy line-up!

  • Have you ever pouted so hard you turned into a fish?

  • #jealousaf

  • How long until this lot runs out of drinks?

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    Tuesday, 16. February 2016