Want To Fool Zayn Malik into Thinking You're Gigi Hadid?

Then step up you're contouring game.

When it comes to ZiGi, it can be hard to decide whether you fancy Zayn Malik or Gigi Hadid the most, because well… they are both all sorts of beau.

Now, if Zayn's the one that you’ve got your eye on then you most definitely have to check out this hilarious but also quite miraculous makeup tutorial we’ve spotted for you below. Following all the steps, will not only turn you into a Gigi lookalike, but does so with the express purpose of fooling Zayn into thinking your his girlfriend – presumably so he’ll snog your face off when you bump into him.

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There’s no denying, that this is a genius if somewhat devious plan and it’s all thanks to YouTube makeup pro Aly Art, who used nothing but a bunch of beauty products to transform herself into Gigi’s long lost twin.

Check it out:

Told you it was amazing.

Tuesday, 09. February 2016