Niall Horan Is Launching His Own Golf Management Company

Get your nine irons ready.

Another day, another member of One Direction definitely not having a relaxing time during their hiatus.

This time Niall Horan’s taking his non-break turn, as he just confirmed that he’ll be launching his very own golf management company, which automatically leaves us with the idea of Niall being the so called Simon Cowell of golf.

No but seriously, our favorite Niallster has decided to take his hobby and start a business, and he’s developed what is essentially a talent show for golfers.

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Teaming up with Modest! Management for the endeavor, they’ve ingeniously named the agency Modest! Golf Management. Inspired.

Talking about the new project, Niall explained: ’It’s not something I’ve done before, but I play a lot of golf and I’ve a lot of good friends based in Northern Ireland so the Modest! Management team will definitely be on the look out for new talent.

’We’re looking forward to having a look at the talent across Great Britain and Ireland, and particularly Northern Ireland.

‘Ireland… is an amazing place, with a history of great golfers and hopefully we can find some more.’

Excuse us, we’re just off to buy some clubs.

Tuesday, 09. February 2016