Ex On The Beach 4 | #4 Sexy Spoilers

  • Get a room guys!

  • Too late, looks like it's all gotten a bit too much for poor Olivia!

  • Meanwhile Scotty has seem to forgotten all about Nancy.

  • #AWKS

  • Megan goes straight for the Jugular!

  • But at least that radgie has a skill set.

  • Scott lets his guard down or does he just want to get in Nancy's pants?

  • Nancy meet turbu d*ck...

  • Seems as if everyone's cracking on.

  • Even James has managed to get lucky...

  • Howay lad, did we speak to soon?

  • All that waiting must have been so hard... or not!

  • Oh well at least he can still tash on!

  • #motorboat

  • This lads still griefin' from the night before but will his little man comply?

  • It's a frosty start for poor Lewis!

  • Whoops, now his whole body is in pain(t).

  • But it all ends in tears when Jordan and Lewis come to blows.

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    Monday, 08. February 2016