Zayn Maliks Album Release Date Collides With A Very Special Anniversary

Coincidence or destiny?

For any Directioner, March 25th will always be known as a dark day aka the day, when Zayn Malik left the group and five became four.

Ever since, One Direction fans have mourned various anniversaries, such as #6monthswithoutzayn and #9monthswithoutzayn.

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But as the one year anniversary of this traumatic event approaches, there’s actually more cause for tears of joy rather than sadness, because Zayn’s only gone and announced that his debut solo album will be released on – you’ve guessed it -the 25th March!

Some fans reckoned he’d done it to turn that dark memory into more of a happy date than a bad one, but he insists it’s all a big coincidence.

Speaking in a recent radio interview, Zayn said: ‘It wasn’t planned that way.​ It just seems to coincide with the iTunes launch and everything.’

‘Maybe it’s a sign,’ he went on to say. A sign that you and your record company decided to release it on this date, perhaps?

Regardless of whether Zayn intended to release his solo stuff exactly a year to the date of leaving 1D is intentional or not, 25th March is sure to be one heck of an emotional day!

Monday, 08. February 2016