One Direction’s ‘History’ Video Is Here (To Make You Cry)

Behold bespectacled Niall, shirtless Harry and -- *gasp* -- Zayn.

IT’S HEEEEEEEERRRRRREE. One Direction have finally released the music video for ‘History’, their last single before The Hiatus.

Just as we’d suspected, it’s a montage of 1D’s journey to total domination, occasionally cutting back to the boys singing in front of a rather lovely looking brick wall and having a bit of a dance.

But what’s more important is the fact that they include Zayn Malik in their trip down memory lane, as well as letting Glasses Niall make quite the comeback.

Also noteworthy: Harry’s yellow shirt, the cute moment at the end when they do the can-can and ALL OF THE FETUS FOOTAGE.

Brb, just going to watch it again for the thousandth time already (and try not to cry…)

Tuesday, 26. January 2016