This Isn't A Drill: The Friends Cast Is Reuniting

  • Top 10 Friends moments of all time >>>

  • Monica attempts to cheer up Chandler by a way of an enormous piece of poultry on her head.

  • Stuck in the bathroom with leather trousers around his ankles, Ross finds himself in a sticky situation...

  • A trip to Barbados leaves Monica feeling like she has no choice but cornrow her frizzy hair, to hilarious results.

  • Phoebe has her brothers triplets, only in Friends.

  • The hairstyle that launched a thousand ships.

  • Classically running late, Joey has to marry his best friends... in a military uniform.

  • Ross attempts to teach his son about Hanukkah, only to be upstaged by Santa Chandler. We still have no idea what the holiday Armadillo was all about.

  • Joey becomes a human ladder after he and Ross get locked on the roof. If only Ross hadn't overinduldged on the festive chessboards...

  • A classic cameo role - Phoebe lands Danny DeVito as a stipper for her party.

  • The time that Monica was fat. Never. Gets. Old.

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    But only for one night. We've already got the meat sweats.

    RING THE ALARM as Friends are actually reuniting for one night only and we’re so excited we can barely type.

    As part of a two-hour special paying tribute to director James Burrows for NBC, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer are basically getting back together.

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    But lets not get too ahead of ourself, because they might not all feature in the same scene. ’I’m hoping all six will be in same room at the same time,’ NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt told reporters.

    But he added: ’I’m not sure we can logistically pull it off.’

    AH common. Logistics schmistics.

    As well as Friends, the show will also feature cameos, sketches and appearances connected to other series Burrows has worked on, including Will and Grace.

    Can’t. Wait. Any. Longer.

    Thursday, 14. January 2016