Here's All You Need To Know About Zayn Malik’s Debut Album

  • Everything you need to know about Zayn Malik’s debut album >>>

  • It's dropping "early spring 2016". According to Billboard.

  • It's being released through RCA records

  • Zayn was making a ‘very soulful record’… at least when Naughty Boy was involved

  • He’s been recording in some ridiculously cool places. They include his house in Bel Air, The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Palms Casino in Las Vegas after a night out and even during a camping trip in California.

  • People are using really fancy words to describe Zayn’s solo stuff - the sound is very ‘slinky and propulsive’. Yep, not a clue what that means.

  • Zayn’s main collaborator (post-Zaughty) is James 'Malay' Ho. The producer is best known for his work on Frank Ocean’s Grammy-nominated album Channel Orange.

  • Don’t attempt to force a genre on the album because it can’t be done - “I don’t really know what my style is yet. I’m kind of just showing what my influences are", Zayn said in an interview With Fader Magazine.

  • So far, the record has six confirmed track titles...

  • They are *drum roll*: She, BeFour, It's You, Wrong, I Got Mine and My Ways. Aaaaaand, that's about it right now. Roll on early spring, eh?

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    Dropping early spring, eh?!

    Now that Zayn Malik just celebrated his 23rd birthday (January 12) – we’re reckon – he’s bored of all that ‘being a normal 22-year-old’ business – because after all – he’s not 22 anymore.

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    So, this is THE year, where we’ll finally get to see the former One Direction lad break out on his own, to release his debut solo album, and we couldn’t be anymore excited.

    Naturally, we had to do what we do best, some digging. Whilst most of the record has still remained a mystery… here’s everything we know so far about Zayn’s exciting project…

    Wednesday, 13. January 2016