Apparently Liam Payne Is An 'Unbelievable Rapper'

Is there anything he can't do?

Besides being the owner of a well endowed six pack and a sweet set of pipes, One Direction's Liam Payne is said to be pretty a bada$$ rapper.

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Having been all over Juicy J's Snapchat recently working in the studio together on a mystery project, Liam’s alleged to have laid down five whole tracks already… rap verses included.

According to TMZ, those who have heard the mystery tracks say ’Liam’s":music_artist:8655 an unbelievable rapper’, adding that he ’didn’t need a pen or pad’ to write any of his lyrics down, instead ‘opting for freestyle’.

As for who he sounds like? Well his ‘formula of singing the hook and rapping the verse sounds a lot like some guy named Drake.’

So does this mean we’ll be getting a Hotline Bling/Drag Me Down remix soon?


Wednesday, 13. January 2016