Niall Horan Is Brunette Now — Is He?

WHAT is happening underneath this baseball cap Niallster?!?!

Gather ‘round, Directioners, and bow your heads in reverence, for the time has come: Blessed blonde cherub Niall Horan is once again brunette.


Let’s break this down: Niall touched down at Los Angeles International Airport (Monday, Jan 11), looking all, dark and dangerous, in head-to-toe black. And as if this itself wasn’t enough to cause a Twitter meltdown, just take a close at the pic below and you’ll see that, underneath that black baseball cap, brown hairs appear to be sprouting out.

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That’s right: It appears Brunette Niall Horan has risen. And fans appropriately freaked the f—k out, like so:

But lets not get too carried away yet, as it could be kinda early to tell if the Niallster is really all brunette under his cap. So yeah, we unfortunately may need to wait this one out a little longer before calling it definite.

In any case, we can only hope that Niall will keep us in the loop about his style plans from here on out, because, WE NEED TO KNOW.

Tuesday, 12. January 2016