Happy Birthday Zayn Malik

  • 13 Movies Instantly Improved By Adding Zayn Malik >>>

  • "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" - There ain't no bigger "Star Wars" then Zayn VS Naught Boy, right?!

  • "Frozen" - Zayn' already been touched by Elsa anyway. How else do you explain his platinum hair?

  • "Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice" - Zayn's a huge Batman fan and he's totally got the chin for it.

  • "The Hunger Games" - So we're pretty sure that Zayn can't shoot a bow and arrow like Catniss, but we do want to see him rock a District 12 hair braid.

  • "Unbroken" - Zayn tweeted about how much he loves Angelina Jolie's WWII film "Unbroken". We're sure Jack O' Connell wouldn't mind Malik taking his part. No one could get mad at Malik, right?!

  • "The Avengers" - Zayn had an "Incredible Hulk" birthday cake for his 21st. We've seen him rock green hair. A green bod is just the next logical step.

  • "Pitch Perfect" - Zayn definitely has the voice to join the Barden Bellas.

  • "The Lion King" - What more important an addition to the pop kingdom has there been than Prince Zayn?

  • "Divergent" - Zayn won't comit to a faction - 1D or otherwise.

  • "The Maze Runner" - There's always room for more Zayn to join the crew in the next "Maze Runner" movie, "The Death Cure".

  • "Good Fellas" - In an interview with Teen Vogue, Zayn revealed that he loves gangster movies, and that "Goodfellas" is his fave. The mob just got way hotter.

  • "Fast And Furious 8" - After seeing pics of Zayn cruising around in his own flash cars, we need to see him in the passenger seat with the Rock.

  • "Captain America: Zivil War" - Apparently Zayn's a Marvel fan. So are we. It's fate.

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    13 movies, instantly improved by adding Zayn Malik.

    In honor of this very special day, that is Zayn Malik’s Birthday, we added his beau little face to our movie faves. And et voila, they instantly improved. I mean, who doesn’t need a bit of inzaynity in their life, right?!

    Happy Birthday to our Bradford boi!

    Tuesday, 12. January 2016