Meet Kirby Jenner, Kendall Jenner's (Long Lost) Twin Brother

The secret Jenner twin that you probably never knew about.

Now before you start wondering if we’ve finally lost it, take a look at Kirby’s Instagram, which might just prove that the Kendall Jenner has been editing her twin bro out of her pics all along.

Okay. Hands down. Maybe not.

Because obviously, this is actually all the stuff of a rather wonderful internet prank, and major photoshop skills, involving a rather imaginative guy called Kirby, giving Kendall’s pics an edit to show what life might be like if she did have a (slightly less cool) twin bro.

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Definitely go check out Kirby celebrating his and Kendall’s birthday in true twin style or them, taking a vacay with their other Kardashian sisters…

Sibling goals or what? Someone start a petition to get Kirby adopted by Kris Jenner already, it seems only fair after all this effort he’s put in.

Monday, 11. January 2016