15 Shocking Things Zayn Malik Did During 2015

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  • 1: After celebrating his 22nd birthday in January, Zayn kicked off the new year with a fresh ‘do.

  • 2: In March he responded to a concerning barrage of cheating accusations.

  • 3: March 25: A date that will go down in infamy as the day a billion hearts broke the whole world over. In a statement on 1D’s Facebook page, Zayn announced his split from the band.

  • 4: … and then when he did anything BUT stay out of the spotlight and was spotted hitting the studio with producer Naughty Boy.

  • 5: Zayn made his split from 1D official with a single Twitter tweak: going from @ZaynMalik1D to a simple @ZaynMalik. Le sigh.

  • 6: He and Louis Tomlinson exchanged nasty messages in front of the world.

  • 7: In June, he opted to embrace his inner Shrek lover by going green.

  • 8: The one-time friends had one hell of a public falling-out when Zayn called Naughty Boy a “fat joke” for exploiting their professional relationship and sharing demos without his permission. Yikes.

  • 9: In July he signed a solo record deal with RCA.

  • 10: After being engaged for 2 years, Perrie Edwards and Zayn called it quits.

  • 11: On anyone else, this grey hair color might’ve looked dull and elderly, but on that angelic and proportional face? It WORKED.

  • 12: His Fader interview made us see him in totally new light.

  • 13: Zayn and Gigi Hadid were spotted out together after the AMAs in November.

  • 14: OK, OK… his hair makeovers are getting a little less shocking by now. But by year’s end, he was back to lightened-up locks.

  • 15: In December he and Gigi made it Instagram official.

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    From devastating breakups to wild makeovers, Zayn had absolutely zero chill this year.

    As one-fifth of One Direction, Zayn Malik had a somewhat justified reputation for being the band’s ‘mysterious’ member. The brooding Bradford boy with the angelic voice harbored a quiet artistry that never really came to light until 2015: otherwise known as the year he made fans repeatedly lose their sh-t.

    This year we saw him making many unpredictable personal and professional decisions, ultimately setting up a foundation for Zayn 2.0.

    But before he hunkers down on his fledging solo career, let’s look back on all the times he made our jaws drop in 2015.

    Thursday, 31. December 2015