Amazing Website Will Anonymously Text Your Ex Justin Bieber Lyrics


There’s no two ways about it: break ups suck. Majorly. But, they definitely would suck a little less, if you had Justin Bieber on your hand to tell your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, how awful they are for stomping all over your heart, right?!

Lucky us, this isn’t the stuff which dreams are made of anymore, thanks to an amazing new website, that will anonymously text bomb your ex with messages full of Justin's finest lyrics.

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The website itself is called and all you have to do is enter your friend/victim’s number and they will send them 10 texts containing assorted lyrics over a 24 hour period. You can choose between the ‘basic package’, or if you want something a little more elaborate, you’ll have to go for the ‘viral attack package’ which will send 10 messages up to three different people.

The best thing about it all is, that you’ll also get grabs of their replies secretly texted back to you, so you can chuckle away at your victim’s total and utter confusion.

Now if JB isn’t quite your style, there’s also a version called Adele Attack, so you can say HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIIIIIIDE at any time of the day or night.

Tuesday, 15. December 2015