12 Times Harry Styles Pushed Fashion Boundaries In 2015

  • 12 times Harry Styles pushed the boundaries of fashion in 2015 >>>

  • 1. When he wore a tiny little neck tie.

  • 2. When he clashed his pussycat bow with mind-boggling patterned shirt.

  • 3. When his trousers actually made you consider turning your nan's curtains into an outfit.

  • 4. When he casually brought back the Hawaiian shirt like it was 2002.

  • 5. When he wore a suit which doubled as an optical illusion (presumably to keep Niall's concentration up in interviews).

  • 6. When he wore a bomber jacket so jazzy, real human wept (although that could have also been due to the presence of his face).

  • 7. The time he made you want to dig out your fleece from year 6 like it aint no thang.

  • 8. The time he wore a shirt unbuttoned so low it was hard to tell where shirt ends and skin begins.

  • 9. When he wore a yellow corsage instead of a bow tie.

  • 10. When he wore a pattern last seen on your Ikea bedspread and still looked a bazillion dollars.

  • 11. When he got bored of skinny jeans and decided singlehandedly to bring back flares instead.

  • 12. When his peach florals almost upstaged Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's epic princess dress.

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    There’s many reasons designers are falling over their faces to get One Direction's Harry Styles to wear their clothes and it isn’t just for the chance to check out those lustrous curls irl (although to be fair, we’re sure that’s part of it).

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    Harreh – without a doubt – has been pushing the boundaries of fashion this year, whenever he could. When he wasn’t sloping up the red carpet in a pair of flares, he was definitely sitting front and centre at countless award shows wearing the outfits everyone’s been talking about.

    Sorry ladies, but it’s Harry getting the crown for most fashion forward celeb of the year, so check out some of his most iconic looks from 2015 right here, above.

    Sunday, 27. December 2015