Our Artist Faves Took Instagram To A Whole New Level This Year

From song teasers to album announcements...

Lets be honest, who of us can start their day without checking Instagram? I mean, opening the app, bleary-eyed and hazy, before even getting out of bed is kind of a normal thing, right?! And this is not some ‘clever’ PR statement – it’s simply the truth.

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I somehow feel as if our favorite artists got hold of these news – because, HELLO, they most probably do the same thing – and used it to their advantage this year, dropping some of the biggest news on Instagram or teasing their newest music. They definitely know how to get our attention.

Gladly Instagram shared their top seven music trends of 2015 with MTV News, so let’s take a look at this year’s biggest moments from Drizzy, to JB and Adele.

Wednesday, 09. December 2015