21 Underappreciated Kim Kardashian Tweets

'Anyone know exactly where rack city is?'

Kim Kardashian had us all going, ‘YAS, Kween!’ after nonchalantly, but epically, reacting to a hater on Twitter.

When ‘Luizzle’ called her a ‘fat bitch,’ Kim responded with a simple, ‘Yup!’ — not fighting back and not letting it bother her.

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Seems, as if all of good and bad social media attention within the years got her handling stuff like this pretty good. I mean, after all, she is one of the most followed.

Reason enough, to travel back in time in the Twitterverse and check out some of the adorable, hilarious, and super relatable things Kim has shared on her Twitterfeed. Some of them, shockingly underappreciated… this changes now.

Friday, 04. December 2015