11 Times Adele’s Eyeliner Was On Fleek

  • 11 Times Adele’s Eyeliner Was Too Perfect For Words >>>

  • 1. I’m sorry, what?

  • 2. Is she kidding?

  • 3. Please tell me she’s kidding.

  • 4. She's obviously NOT kidding...

  • 5. You know how, no matter how much time you spend on it, your eyeliner never comes out even? Well, Adele doesn’t know. She’s never known.

  • 6. LOL K.

  • 7. Eyeliner stays fresh even when she’s about to drop all her Grammys.

  • 8. “Barefaced” to Adele means no makeup with the exception of two perfect black lines on her eyelids.

  • 9. The voice and eye makeup of a generation.

  • 10. ho does this to you? How do they do it? Please, please tell us.

  • 11. And the Oscar for “Best Eyeliner” goes to Adele always and forever the end.

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    How does she do it? H-O-W?

    If you are a living on this planet called earth, well, then you’re probably are well aware, that Her Holiness Adele is back.

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    While she’s currently reminding us how much we really missed and needed her music, she’s also showing us that her eyeliner game remains on point. Naturally we felt compelled to share the wonders of her flawless liner, because HELLO, HOW does she do it?!

    Thursday, 03. December 2015