9 Arguments Every Couple Will Have During X-MAS

    Be prepared.

    You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, but lets be honest, you will probably do all of the above….

    Sure, we all love Christmas time, no doubt. But as wonderful as it is, it’s also highly stressful, and actually the most emotionally charging time of the year. Especially when you’re in a relationship, as some of this holiday baggage will inevitably find it’s way into your romance. That’s probably why a study of Facebook data found that that breakups peak two weeks before Christmas – not everyone makes it.

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    As you might not be able to avoid it, you can start to mentally prepare yourself for all of the seasonal sources of conflict. Being ready for the following issues, will hopefully help you deal with them in the healthiest way possible and eventually ho ho ho along with Santa.

    Wednesday, 02. December 2015