The Vamps Cover Justin Bieber's 'Sorry'

The Brit band gave Bieber's tune a catchy rock makeover.

If imitation is really the sincerest form of flattery, then Justin Bieber must be the most satisfied artist in the biz right know.

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Along with his breaking historic records, marking a resurgence in JB’s career, his latest album, Purpose, has also inspired a ton of inventive, often genre-bending covers, such as the latest, rock-fueled rendition of ‘Sorry’, performed by The Vamps’.

The Brit band visited BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, and put their own spin on Bieber’s vibrant dance jam. Watch the cover come to life below!

When asked what the band thinks of Bieber 2.0, Simpson said, ‘I think he’s great. I think his tunes are wicked. I think his dancing’s great. He’s wicked. I’m into it, we’re all into it.’

The Vamps recently released their sophomore album, featuring the titular lead single ‘Wake Up’.

Tuesday, 01. December 2015