Ring The Alarm: Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit Has Arrived

And it’s even got a verified Instagram account.

Ever since that fateful day, Kylie Jenner got snapped with some newly voluptuous lips, the world has been OBSESSED with her perfect pout.

And now, that Kylizzle has finally launched her lip-tastic cosmetic line – we’ve all been waiting for so long – we eventually all get a little closer to achieving her iconic look.

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Not only do the products itself seem fancy AF, so that they even happen to have their own verified Instagram account, we don’t want to forget to mention that the packaging is truly AMAZING.

Available in three colors, Dolce K, Candy K and TrueBrown K, the kits include a lip liner (Kylie’s staple) and a matte liquid lipstick.

Uhm, did we already mention that the packaging is AMAZING? Sorry, we’re way too excited…

Monday, 30. November 2015