Joe Jonas Isn't Too Happy With These Gigi & Zayn Dating Rumors

Not. Happy. At. All.

When rumors first started circling that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are dating, we immediately knew, that there’s going to be trouble on the way.

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After the pair were pictured holding hands Sunday night (November 29), it seems, as if one person in particular ain’t too happy about the whole thing… and that person is Joe Jonas.

Somehow understandibly, we get the impression, that he’s not handling the whole thing very well, judging on his latest social media activity.

According to Twitter, the singer deleted a picture of him, Zayn and Kanye West. You know the ONE, from back in the days, when the threesome attended Paris Fashion Week together, which was captioned ‘#SQUAD’. AWKS.

Not enough of the drama yet, as Joe apparently also unfollowed Zayn and possibly Gigi on Instagram, as well as deleting a picture of G.I Joe from his account.

Well, this all seems rather dramatic now, doesn’t it?

On the bright side Joe, we’re TOTALLY single if you fancy a change from the whole ‘supermodel’ thing. We have pizza. CALL-ME.

Monday, 30. November 2015