Geordie Shore: We Called Holly Hagan On Her Cell

Check out what our favorite lass had to say in our Interview below.

How did you like Greece?
In Greece it was very difficult for me, especially being with Kyle over there. Our relationship was quite rocky when we first started. It was quite difficult for us over there to be in a relationship. It broke up the whole house and in the end one of us had to leave.

How was that for you being in the house and going through all that?
It was probably the most difficult time of my entire life to be honest. I never had to be in a house with somebody I had broken up with. He was bringing people back to the house and things like that. It was very, very difficult.

We can imagine, here in the Netherlands we just aired the episode that Kyle broke up with you. Did you see any footage of that yourself?
Uhm, well it has been on telly in England but I haven’t watch any of it, no.

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Ok. It was really horrible to see you go through there. Are Kyle and you still speaking?
Me and Kyle, at the moment we’re ok. But we’re not back together we just trying to be friends. We did get back together after Zante (Greece) and we’ve tried it, but it just didn’t work. It is very difficult to be in the spotlight and have a relationship. You know, one day hopefully we will be back together.

That would be great. Do you see a future between the two of you?
Uhm, I don’t know to be honest. It’s difficult to look at the future when you got a job like we do. But I probably, hopefully we will see in the future.

Would you rather be a public figure now or rather be a private person like you were before Geordie Shore?
To be honest I do prefer to be quite a private person, I don’t really like to be caught by the paparazzi or whatever. It would have been much easier to deal with all the things in private. I don’t regret going on the show, you just got to take the good and the bad.

We also got many questions from our viewers like how did you get on the show. Did you do like an audition of e screening or did the just ask you?
It was a long process. We went through quite a lot of auditions. Speaking in front of the camera. After all the auditions we had to talk to a psychiatrist to make sure you are right in the head to be able do something like this and handle it. After that I met with the big MTV bosses.

Cool. We can imagine your life changed a bit after that. How was your life before starting Geordie Shore?
My life was ok, I didn’t caught much money as I worked in a call center. I couldn’t go out during the week and party, I had to work really hard for my money. I was working probably 40 hours a week for 800 pounds, it was quite difficult . But after Geordie Shore obviously my life completely changed. Now we got so many opportunities. I got out my fitness book, my biography . My fitness book, Holly Hagans Body Bible, is doing really, really well. It’s all amazing.

Your appearance has changed a bit since the first time you entered the house of course. What was your favorite hair color? Because you had many throughout the seasons.
Yes, I would definitely say my favorite is the one I got now, the blond, the other colors were very hard to maintain.

We air the Greece season right now and we also saw like a shot of the shag pads, the farmer one. How terrible was it being in there?
__It was absolutely awful, horrific. Probably the worst stays I’ve ever stayed in my entire life, haha. __

*Can you explain why it was that horrific? *
It was basically a home for the chickens, there shouldn’t be a bed in there.

*So did you scream out the producers like, guys come on, you cannot put us here. *
Yeah, it was more for animals not humans.

You just said you changed a bit over the last couple of years. What kind of advice would you give the 2011 Holly, looking back on all that you know right now.
I would probably say: do whatever you want to do, don’t listen to anybody else. Find your own path and don’t have ever any regrets because any regrets that I would have had have made me who I am today.

Sounds good, I think a lot of viewers can relate to that. With all the crazy or good things you’re doing right now, I can imagine that it’s kind of crazy thinking back to when you were back in the call center. If you can do something in life for free, what would you do?
I probably help children to be honest. Children that are bullied and children who got harmed, who got difficult backgrounds, things like that. I’d love to do that in the future. Totally different than Geordie Shore.

Why this particular cause? Like kids being bullied?
Kids being bullied, children who got difficulties with being in school. I would like to help them and be something like a counselor.

Do you experience a lot of those cases around you?
Not really, personally I’ve had a lot of bullying in school and things like that. I would like to use my experience to help people.

Sounds like a great cause. You’ve been in the house for quite some years actually now, we were wondering, who’s the best kisser in the house so far?
I’ve got to say Kyle, definitely.

If we may ask, who’s the worst?
O god, I would never say something like that.

How are you and Charlotte these days because you had quite some arguments this season.
Yes, me and charlotte had quite a few arguments but we will always be best friends and nothing’s ever going to change that. It probably made us stronger.

You also see each other outside the show?
Yes, we see each other quite a lot. We are actually best friends, she is always there with her advises.

Another fan question: Where did you find the strength to turn your life around and being much more healthier than before?
To be honest I don’t know because of what happened in Zante. It had changed my life upside down. I don’t know how I managed it and how I found the strength to actually get back to it. But I changed somehow. A lot of times you don’t think you can get though some things that other people can. But I managed to do it and got out stronger.

What are your plans for the future? You’re now also working on as you just mentioned the biography and also the workout.
Yes I’ve got my fitness book I’m working hard on that at the moment. I got two releases, one is Holly Hagans Body Bible and the other one is going to be released in one week. The book is doing really, really well, and I hope that continues because it helps a lot of people, and helped a lot of people already.

Cool. What was the weirdest thing that happened when a fan came up to you? Did something strange at some point happened?
The be honest, people ask quite easily if they can get a photograph, they caught me being asleep on a flight or on the train and wake me up. You get annoyed, but at the end of the day you have to think that they are the people who are keeping me in the job and are the people who watch the show.

It kinda comes with the job?

What is the meanest thing someone said to you on social media? Does it happen often that people say mean things to you?
A lot of the time it’s about my weight. My weight always is being mentioned. It can be really hurtful but I know I worked really hard for where I am at the moment.

I can imagine that it’s hard because there’s no filter on social media. Is there also a message you want to send to the audience with your new carrier path you know with the books and all that?
Anybody can lose weight, if I can anybody can. At the end of the day it’s my job to go out, drink a lot, eat a lot and I still manage to be able to do it. There is no quick course, if you fall off the wagon, don’t punish yourself too hard. Got back on it the next day and keep trying and eventually you will reach your goal.

Thank you very much – thank you for your time!

Thursday, 26. November 2015