Miss Piggy Covers Adele's 'Hello'

And it's damn-fine.

Poor, poor Miss Piggy. I mean, like honestly, this Missus has really gone through a whole lot this year. Thinking bout here tragic and surely heartbreaking split from Kermit – the love of her life – that s**t must still be aching AF. And although she was totally flirting things up with the hunkiest hunk of them all, Liam Hemsworrth on the ‘Muppet Show’, it still seems as if Kermit has her heart captured.

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Naturally Miss Piggy’s in total need for a trigger, and what could possibly be any better way to blow off some steam, then singing your heart out just like Adele, the queen of ballads?! Now guess what, that’s exactly what Miss Piggy did!

Go and watch her version of Adele's ‘Hello’ below:

Who did it better?! Adele or Miss Piggy? Watch the original version… for comparison reasons. We love them both!

Tuesday, 24. November 2015