11 Hunger Games GIFs For Every Social Situation

  • 1. When you buy a great new outfit and want to show it off to everyone

  • 2. When you’re cracking some jokes with your mum and it turns into her criticising all of your life choices

  • 3. When you’re on a girls' holiday and everyone starts turning on each other by day five

  • 4. When you look in the freezer and your housemate’s eaten the last of your ben & jerry’s

  • 5. When a teacher calls on you in class and you actually know the answer

  • 6. When you’re trying really hard not to make a rude and sarcastic remark

  • 7. When a distant relative gets a little too close for comfort

  • 8. When you realize there’s still like three hours until lunchtime

  • 9. When you’re in the crowd at a festival and have to leave your friends to go to the portaloos

  • 10. When your fave goes on a twitter follow spree and it feels like they've followed everyone but you

  • 11. When you realize Mockingjay Part 2 is the last ever hunger games movie & you’re not emotionally prepared

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    Because necessary.

    With Mockingjay Part 2 being the official last part aka the end when it comes to the Hunger Games – we just can’t and don’t even want to imagine a life without Katniss & Co.

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    But even though our time with Katniss has somehow come to an end, her (and Jennifer Lawrence in general, really) will never stop providing us with amazing reactions to daily life.

    So with that in mind, here are 11 Hunger Games GIFs to use in any social situation going…

    Tuesday, 24. November 2015