Beat of Norway | 14.0

It's time to put Norway in the limelight.

From exotic dance pop by Adelén, the heartbreaking beats from Maria Mena, to the great collaboration between Loveless and Tomine Harket,  and the very experimental remix of Suite 16’s latest single, obviously A LOT of great norwegian music has come out recently… so you should to stay tuned for more!

Adelén – Spell On Me
Norway’s own exotic dancing queen, Adelén is finally back with new music! Lately she’s been spending a lot of time on ‘Skal Vi Danse’, but after winning the entire competition last weekend, she’s ready to get back to the music. ‘Spell On Me’ is a total banger of a pop track. Being yet another irresistible production, coming from Joakim Haukaas and Adelén, it definitely sounds more confident than ever! But, before you press play, we’d like to put out a warning, that you most probably won’t get this song outta your head anytime soon. We told you so….

Listen to >>> Adelén – Spell On Me

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Loveless – Elephant (Ft. Tomine Harket)
We are SO in love with this collaboration! I mean, we do love basically everything Loveless has released so far. It just always was top notch. Also we’ve been keeping an eye on Tomine after we heard her brilliant track ‘Follow Me’ which came out earlier this year. Naturally, we couldn’t be any happier to see these two team up, especially when the result is such a. As Tomine’s voice is a real treat to our ears, we hope to hear a lot more of it.

Listen to >>> Loveless – Elephant

Maria Mena – I Don’t Want To See You With Her
Maria is back with an new emotional single. Going through a tough divorce since the last time we heard from her, It’s is easy to assume, that this songs lyrics can be linked to some of her personal struggles. You can always count on her for some incredibly heartfelt lyrics, and a beautiful melody to it. We’re curious to see what more she has to offer on her upcoming album ‘Growing Pains’. We’re hoping for a couple of uptempo numbers to keep us in balance with the deeper stuff.

The video was directed by Christian Schussler:
>>> Maria Mena – I Don’t Want To See You With Her

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Suite 16 – Who I Wanna Be (Rykkinfella Remix)
Can you imagine, Suite 16’s power-ballad being turned into a tropical jam?! Well, listen up close, because that is exactly what Rykkinfella came up with, bringing out a completely new side of the song, whilst still keeping the original melody in focus. Thanks for this tune, it’s exactly the kind of vibe we need, to get through this cold and dark November.

Listen to >>> Suite 16 – Who I Wanna Be

AURORA – Half Of The World Away
AURORA has scored the John Lewis commercial, which is kind of a HUGE deal in the UK. The last two artists who had their song featured (Lily Allen and Tom Odell) ended up in the top ten of the British singles charts. The song AURORA has released is a cover of the classic Oasis track ‘Half Of The World Away’. She has of course turned it into her very own beautiful version, adding her signature vocals powering through the song. This could really be her big international break through! Fingers crossed!

Watch the video >>> AURORA – Half Of The World Away

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Dreamon – Like You Love Me
WOW – what a jam! Imagine something in between the sound of Drake and Chris Brown. Laudz (who’s recently been working with Diplo) is responsible for the incredibly solid production. We’re loving the dramatic production and the way he switches between rapping and singing. We don’t hear Norwegian music like this too often, but now we definitely got a taste for more.

Check out the tune HERE

Chinook – Dancing In Flames
‘Dancing In Flames’ is such a grower, as it keeps getting better and better with every listen. Chinook not only has a unique voice, but also delivers the lyrics with nearly raw emotions. The video for the track was recently premiered which eventually puts all the mosaics together. Take a look at the video below, directed by Christian Schussler again!

Watch the video >>> Chinook – Dancing In Flames

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Jesper Jenset – Never Coming Back
‘Never Coming Back’ is the brand new single from our favorite Idol-sweetheart, Jesper Jenset. We’ve been humming along to it constantly for the last couple of days, as the hook is dangerously infectious! It might have something to do with the fact, that it was written by up and coming songwriter Ida Waerdahl, who also had a hand in writing Marcus & Martinus’s ‘Elektrisk’. Check out Jesper’s happy guitar-driven track below, and let it brighten up you day.

Listen to >>> Jesper Jenset – Never Coming Back

Astrid S – Hyde (Acoustic)
As you probably already know, we have a little obsession going on with Astrid S. In our last Beat article we already raved about on how great her new single ‘Hyde’ is, and since then she has released a brilliant new acoustic version of it. The live strings definitely add a more dramatic feel to the song and we can’t get enough of it. Her voice – we’ll just say it again – is hauntingly beautiful. Well done… as usual!

Watch the video >>> Astrid S – Hyde

Written by Erik Rydning

Monday, 23. November 2015