13 Selfie Tips From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

  • 13 Selfie Tips Straight From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show >>>

  • 1. Pout = Always looks good. Always.

  • 2. Use a mirror = That way you can capture all the people taking a photo of you taking a photo.

  • 3. Don’t make the same face the other person is making. Especially if your job is making different faces.

  • 4. Shoot from high angles. And find your lighting!

  • 5. Look encouraging. Selfies are fun and easy!

  • 6. Embrace your friends, fellow models. Or else it looks awkward AF.

  • 7. Take a picture on any phone you can... From gold phones…

  • 8. Seriously, every single phone... To pink phones.

  • 9. Photobomb people, even if it’s on accident!

  • 10. Include your makeup artist. They need love, too.

  • 11. Stick your tongue out. No one's above it.

  • 12. Blow a kiss. Classic.

  • 13. Throw up a peace sign. And peace out!

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    Blow a kiss.

    Your selfie game hasn’t been that ‘on fleek’ lately? Oh well, no worries there, because, who could possibly give any better selfie advice than Victoria’s Secret models?!

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    While waiting backstage for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to start, models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid took a LOT of selfies. Naturally, we’ve gathered up all the behind-the-scenes selfies for you to study and try out these tips for yourself.

    Peace out!

    Wednesday, 11. November 2015