Geordie Shore 11: The 14 Most WTF Quotes

  • The 16 most WTF quotes from Geordie Shore in Greece episode 2 >>>

  • Scott's early wake up call to the Geordies: "Kyle put your cock away... we're join to Crete!"

  • Scott on his early flight to Crete: "Now I know how all the girls feel when I whein I hoy them out at six in the mornnig!"

  • Aaron on live on the farm: "It looks like we've gone back in time and the staircase is f***king homemade!"

  • Charlotte singing old MacDonald: "Anna MacDonald sent us to a farm. Ey aye ey aye oh. And we're all too hot and all f***ked off and we're not going to do any work..."

  • Scott on mugging Chloe off: "What do you class a straight after? Like the next night?"

  • Kyle: "It's mine and Holly's first holiday and we're going to do what we do best - buck all owa Greece!"

  • Charlotte on the night out in Malia: "We're gonna zig. We're gonna zag. We're gonna maybe even shag."

  • Scott on Marnie: "Marnie's looking canny fit tonight. And for some reason I want to toast her. Pass the f***king butter!"

  • Chloe on Scott: "Scott's looking canny fit like. I'm going to show him what I can do with a big shiny pole between my legs."

  • Aaron explaining to a girl in the club where the Geordies are staying: "Like when we get ther, it's like a f***king chicken farm!"

  • Chloe: Marnie's offered to share sex toys with us. She's been such a good friend - I think I'm just going to give her a kiss!"

  • Gaz on watching Marnie and Chloe shows: "Where's the popcorn? I wanna watch this shit all day!"

  • Charlotte on kissing Scott: "Noooooooooo!"

  • Chloe to Aaron while trying to wind up Scott: "I love the way you butter bread. I'd like you to butter my p***y that way!"

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