Kylie Jenner's Lingo Is Literally 'On Fleek'

  • Kylie Jenner Manages To Fit Every 2015 Slang Term Into A 2-Minute Beauty Tip Video >>>

  • “Yas Kween!” - That’s how good Kylie feels about sunscreen. It also rhymes, which makes it even better.

  • “Yaaaaaaas” - The way you feel about Lady Gaga or, like, pretty much anything on the internet, Kylie feels about teeth whitening.

  • “On Fleek” - As far as accomplishing yaaaaaaas-worthy white teeth? White strips, which will leave your teeth on fleek. Bye, brows.

  • “TTYL” - OK, TTYL is maybe older than some of this other slang, but acronyms never go out of style, TBH.

  • “Dope” - We’ve already established that “dope” is prob Kylie’s favorite word of all time, so we’re not surprised it popped up in this clip.

  • “Deuces” - While “deuces” hasn’t caught on as wildly as, say, “yas kween,” it def continues to have a moment.

  • “Totes” - Like TTYL, “totes” has been around for a minute but is still used on the regular. Also, Kylie needs to underscore how important washing your face is considering Kim recently recommended sleeping in makeup.

  • “BAE” - While most people reserve “bae” for other humans, Kylie feels that strongly about coconut oil.

  • “#SquadGoals” - If your nails aren’t in your squad, who else will be, y’know?

  • “AF & OMFG” - While it would’ve been cool if she had said, like, “slayyyy,” we’ll overlook it since she managed to fit two abbreviations into one skincare tip.

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    Manages To Fit Every 2015 Slang Term Into A 2-Minute Beauty Tip Video.

    Ever since Kylie Jenner’s website entered our lives, it not only kept us entertained, but also informed. With countless makeup tutorials, bra suggestions, style secrets, and more Kylizzle kept us totally bae.

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    In her latest clip, Kylie reveals seven beauty tips, but more importantly, demonstrates that despite her constantly packed schedule, she has managed to keep up with all – like, ALL – internet slang.

    From ‘totes’, to ‘bae’ to ‘dope’, tha gurls lingo is totally ‘on fleek’.

    Friday, 06. November 2015