Jessie J Got Herself A Bold New Haircut

Which leaves her with very little hair.

So Jessie J just changed her entire look over the weekend, and nope, for once it had nothing to do with Halloween. After posting old pictures of her with a shaved head back in 2013 and reminiscing over the style, Jessie took the plunge and shaved it all off again. Ballsy huh?!

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Well, we actually should have seen it coming. In addition to sharing old pictures of the ’do days before the big reveal, she also posted a pic of her hair on the ground in the shape of a smiley face with the caption: ‘I’m a rebel on the sly #girlpower #feelingfree’.

Well now we know what to expect the next time Jessie’s Instagram gets a little too hair happy.

Big up, gurl.

Tuesday, 03. November 2015